> download LYRA demo (90mb) <

Tony 4:33 11/3/2014

I'm Anthony of Thunderware games and my brother Nick and I have been working on a game called Lyra for about 5 years now. The game isn't finished yet and we have no idea when it will be, but the demo is quite playable in it's current form.

In it you play a ship trying to fly from checkpoint to checkpoint trying to reach a switch and open the gate that will let you travel to the next planet. The Controls are heavily inspired by asteroids except there is no shooting. It's all about learning the feeling of flying around and trying to make your way through tight caves without crashing into the walls.

We love games like Thrust and Gravitar and we wanted a game that let us just enjoy flying a ship, so we set off on the task of making it exist. It's been a real growing period for us here at Thunderware games. We're a much different developer than we were 5 years ago!


- graphics made up of lines. Nothing but lines.

We've built tools, a level editor, a modeller, a font designer all built around the idea of old school vectors. Which allows for mathematically perfect collision detection, unique visuals and a fun colourful universe to explore.

- no procedural content

Every one of the 200,000+ vectors in the game has been lovingly hand laid by either Nick or I. And every level has a purpose and story for you to experience and discover!

- super smooth controls

You'll hate em at first prolly, but once you get used to the game it's a real joy to play over and over.

- stellar audio

Music that takes you to another world and leaves you stranded there.

Thank you for your time and if you play the game i hope you enjoy it and would love to hear any feedback you have! cheers!